Edgerstoune- Princeton, New Jersey

The beautiful town of Princeton is known for its historic mansions, academic institutions, and majestic scenery.  Beyond the famed Battle fields of the Revolutionary War and university buildings dating back to the 17 and 1800’s, Princeton’s incredible homes that long pre-date the Gilded Age still stand strong.  Most of these homes are still privately owned. …

Wakehurst- Newport, Rhode Island

The Gilded Age was an era with an extreme gap between the richest and poorest citizens. Among the poor were factory workers and servants, and those of gold status were business moguls, industrialists, and heirs. One of the most established and powerful names in the late 1800s and early 1900s was Astor. Astor is a…

Lynnewood Hall- Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Peter Arrell Brown Widener, an incredibly industrious man who provided mutton to all union troops located near Philadelphia, took the financial success from his future endeavors to create one of America’s premiere estates. The owner of subway and streetcar lines in three major cities, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, landed himself as one of the…

Throwback Post: Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle Boldt Castle Unfinished Interior Photos Boldt Castle Finished Interior Photos Boldt Castle Bonus Exterior Photos  


The rocky cliffs of Newport welcomed another grand mansion in 1882 when Catharine Lorillard Wolfe employed Peabody and Stearns to create a romanesque revival style estate looking at the rich, blue tides below. The original Breakers, neighbor to the newly erected Vinland, was also built by the Boston based firm. Sadly, that beautiful, wood structure…

Florham- Bonus Photos

Below are photographs taken in and around Florham in Florham Park, New Jersey. For history on Florence Vanderbilt-Twombly and Hamilton Mckown Twombly’s incredible estate, Click Here.     Written and photographed by Matthew J. Niewenhous  

Florham- Florham Park, New Jersey

In 1890, Florence Vanderbilt, granddaughter of Business legend and philanthropist Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, and husband Hamilton Mckown Twombly obtained a large piece of land in Morris County, New Jersey. Twombly was a financial advisor for William Henry Vanderbilt. The 1,200 acre plot sprawled from Madison Avenue, known as “millionaires row,” to Park Avenue. Morris County…

Vail Mansion- Morristown, New Jersey

Vail Mansion, the former estate of Theodore Vail, is one of Morristown, New Jersey’s most famous addresses. resting in the center of the main strip of the downtown area, the former home is one of the last few remnants of the wealthy enclave’s historic past. Known as Millionaire’s Row in the late 1800s and early…

Joseph De Lamar Mansion- Bonus Photos

Below are color photographs of the Joseph De Lamar Mansion on 37th & Madison in New York City.  For the history of this Gilded home, Click Here. Photographed by: Matthew J. Niewenhous

Joseph De Lamar Mansion- New York, New York

The late 1800s sprung a significant shift in where the richest called home. Select neighborhoods managed to retain grand reputations after most of New York’s elite migrated north of 50th to the Upper East Side. One, was Murray Hill.